Nude girl outdoor OTK spankings

Bent over spankingOTK spankings in the hot sun

There were a lot of types of OTK spankings I was writing in my spanking blog. But there is one very nice theme we were never looking at. I was browsing the Net and searching for quality spanking pictures when I've suddenly discovered that Calstar Spanking got a lot of nice outdoor OTK spankings. I hope my visitors would like to see a few sample images?

Handcuffed slave to be spankedWatching nude female bodies getting punished under the hot California sun is one of the most pleasant moments for any spanking fan. Check out today's episode, where naughty girl is getting cuffed and taken to a distant location for a nice piece of corporal punishment.

Soon after arrival the slavegirl has been told to undress and heavy chains and cuffs were from her hands. The first spanking is done with a stick whip while naked female is bent forward. Do you like watching her white butt getting red under the hot sun?

Girl watching OTK spankingsIt was just a heat up, while here comes the time for classic OTK spankings. Nude babe is bent over the knee of the mistress and receives a few dozens of painful slaps to her butt. The most exiting thing about this moment is that another girl is standing near, watching the whole scene and holding the whips. Being spanked while someone is watching you is much more degrading for a woman.

It was just a small preview od this outdoor OTK spankings. There is more interesting things happen in this episode: the other girl is also getting undressed and spanked by the mistress for example. I can't put the whole story here, but you can access the full version by visiting the Calstar Spanking. Use banner below to start downloading pictures and watch the movie of this scene. Have fun!